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Holiday Lighting

You have enough going on during the holidays.

Let us handle your lights and decor!

Whether you’re looking for that extra spooky lighting on your favorite displays at Halloween or looking to spread Christmas cheer during the most wonderful time of the year, Stryker Lawn Service has you lit up!

We provide the best quality lighting with commercial grade, industry leading lights and displays that will wow even the creepiest ghoul or grumpiest grinch! 

We use commercial grade LED lighting and displays custom built for your property on site the day of installation. The quality of these lights cannot be found in any local box store. Our lighting division will make your home or commercial property the talk of the town! Our lighting division is ready to design and install Holiday Lighting for your Indoor and Outdoor applications. 

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Why Should I Hire Stryker Lawn Service To Install My Holiday Lighting?

  • FALLS: The number one reason you should hire Stryker Lawn Service is to avoid any potential harm to yourself by falling off a ladder or your roof. Climbing ladders and roofs can be dangerous especially in less than ideal conditions. This is the last thing you or a family member needs during the holiday season. Our professional lighting division has the Training, Knowledge and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to get the job done safely.
  • It’s Electric!: Our professional lighting division has the training and knowledge to avoid overloading your electrical circuits during the installation. Avoid potential electrocution injury while installing lighting by allowing our professional lighting division to get the job done safely.

  • Insurance: Stryker Lawn Service is fully insured.

Leased Lighting

We lease our commercial grade lights and displays to all of our customers. Our commercial grade lights and displays are custom built on site to fit your property for that perfect fit to shine above the rest.

Our professional lighting division will install our commercial grade lights and displays for the holidays while you enjoy time with loved ones in ah of how great your light display shines.

After the holidays are over, our professional lighting division with uninstall our commercial grade lights and displays to store them for the following season. Stryker Lawn Service will store your lighting and displays that have been custom built for your property, ensuring that your lights are ready for the next season to shine bright!

Give us a call at (209) 787-9537 or submit an online request today!