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At Stryker Lawn Service, we are dedicated to providing customers with lush, green lawns and peace of mind they deserve. We take pride in our lawn maintenance teams because of their professional demeanor and thorough work ethic.
Nothing makes as big of an impact on the appearance of your home as a properly maintained lawn and landscape.  From properly cared for plants, seamless lines, colorful flowers, and fresh mulch/rock, we have you covered.
We provide many lawn maintenance services both commercial and residential such as, but not limited to:

For the best looking lawn, check out our customized lawn application services! Our trained professionals are ready to take your lawn to the next level. 

Whenever we can, we recycle clippings back into the turf, as grass blades and leaves being 80% water and nutrients, they provide the very best compost for building long-term highly organic soil. If we choose not to catch your grass clippings, be assured even if we have to do a double cut based on a 7-day mowing cycle you will always have a high quality appearance.

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